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Purchasing or selling a home is one of the most significant financial events a person will experience during their lifetime. As a result, it’s important to partner with a real estate professional who is capable of navigating through each step of the process with exceptional care, attention to detail, and industry knowledge. 

My goal as a Real estate agent is to be a trusted source of information and advice, to ensure my clients receive an unparalleled level of service. Over the past 8 years, I’ve successfully aligned myself in such a way that I have been able to buy & sell multiple houses despite economic downturn and increasingly strict government regulations. This was all done with the ultimate goal of creating a lifetime career, centered around my passion for the real estate industry. 
Being a former employee of a reputable residential building supply company, I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by home builders, licensed contractors, and homeowners on a daily basis. 
As a full home renovator myself, I was provided with a thorough and behind the scenes understanding of what brings value to a house. I have a true appreciation and an eye for how professional workmanship & quality are paramount to the overall investment of one’s home. 
Whether you are a first time home-buyer, or looking for an additional investment for your portfolio - I would be thrilled at the opportunity to work with you! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me for any of your real estate needs

What our clients have to say

Last year Alison sold my property in Edmonton Windermere in a very remarkable way. I was very impressed with her systematic approach when assessing the value of my property. Her comparative market analysis (CMA) not only was the highest, but was definitely very good since we sold the property very close to the asking price. During her visit to the property, she provided guidance on how to stage the house to make it more competitive. Her marketing methods and team were impressive. In no time my property was in popular social media sites and was getting multiple views within one week, getting offers within two weeks and was sold within three weeks. I would definitely recommend working with Alison. One year after Alison sold my property in Edmonton Windermere, I contacted her to sell my rental property in Terwillegar Towne. Like my previous experience I was very impressed with how Alison marketed my property at Terwillegar. Being a rental property, Alison provided very important advice in terms of what needed to be done to ensure the property was competitive. Her team has all the resources needed to sell your property. Without her advice and experience I would not have been able to sell this property at the price and within the timeframe I wanted.
– Luis Torres
Luis Torres – Windermere, Terwillegar and Duggan, Edmonton
Alison helped us so much during a stressful moment of changing cities and selling our home. She guided us through a very weird time in the market and we managed to get multiple offers for our home which led to a better price than we had hoped for. Her team of photographers and videographers did an amazing job in capturing the beauty of our home and I am certain that this helped tremendously in driving our price up. When she came for the market evaluation of our property you could tell that she was very knowledgeable and explained in detail about the differences in prices for similar homes. She was very detailed oriented, specifically during the staging of our house always looking into making our house even more appealing for the clients which I really appreciated. She was always very straight forward and didn’t hesitate to give us advice and even offered help in finding another realtor in a different city so we could start looking into homes for purchasing. Overall, I highly recommend her and I am certain that with Alison you will get things moving fast (I was very surprised on how fast and efficient things were) and you will have the peace of mind that things will ran very smoothly. Thanks again Alison!
– Diana Diaz Dussan
Edmonton Seller - Keswick


We are committed to excellence at every step of the process and because we are a boutique real estate brokerage, we can leverage our decades of experience with some of the largest and most prestigious global companies, and combine it with a more personalized approach and experience.

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