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One of the most important pages on any realtor’s website is their Featured Listings page. To be honest, this is one of our favorite pages. We love to display photos of the interior and exterior of beautiful homes, and write descriptions that befit a lovely home. At Rimrock Real Estate, we recognize that the Featured Listings page is vital both to buyers and sellers.

How Our Listings Work For Those Looking Into Buying a Home

For those who are looking to purchase a home, the Featured Listings page is like browsing a catalogue. You get to peruse homes that are in your price range on your own time. There’s no pressure from a realtor, and you get to look at your own pace.

A great feature is being able to mark your favorites. When you decide to meet with a realtor about buying a home in Edmonton or St. Albert, you can let them know which homes you were attracted to and why. Not only will the real estate agent schedule times for you to visit these homes, they’ll be able to show you other homes that fit your budget and your esthetic based on your favorite homes list.

How Our Real Estate Listings Work For Those Selling a Home

Adding your home to the Featured Listings on a real estate website will benefit you too if you’re trying to sell a home. When you list your St. Albert or Edmonton home for sale on our Featured Listings page, this is what potential buyers will see:

  • Professional-grade photos of the inside and outside of your home.
  • In some cases, a 3-D tour through each room in the home.
  • A detailed listing of when the home was built, how many bedrooms and bathrooms, notes about updated appliances or materials throughout the house, where the house is located in relation to schools and shopping, and if the home price falls in range with other similar homes.

Potential buyers love having this information before committing to a walkthrough of a home. That means that the interest in your home will raise exponentially if you list it on a Featured Listings page.

Have you taken a look at our featured homes for sale? Is there anything there that strikes your fancy? If so, let us know! We would love to schedule a viewing or help you find other homes within your budget. Give us a call today.



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