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From paint, to hardwood floors, to artwork and even the smell of your home are huge impactors that make the home feel designer-chic. Learn about some of these tips without breaking the bank.

Paint colors matter

Although many think that having bold colors makes a room feel luxurious it can sometimes cause a person anxiety if chosen incorrectly. Pay attention to hues and soft tones which can enhance any room. Paint experts are available at almost every outlet so take the time to discuss your budget and overall idea with the expert.

Hardwood over carpet

Yes, having wall-to-wall carpet in your house is warm to the touch but esthetically it can show stains and everyday wear. Hardwood floors are an added expense but long-term will give your home the elegant feel and return on investment. There are many types of hardwood to choose from whether it’s oak, maple, cherry or even bamboo. They all come at different price ranges per square foot but often laminate comes much cheaper. We suggest staying away from laminate unless it’s a higher-end quality finish.

Art-Filled Walls

Lots of home owners shy away from art-filled walls in fear that they may cost a fortune. Reality is you can find unique pieces at flea markets, or even thrift stores. The key is to buy a bigger picture frame to have white space around the art, use a shadow box idea, or even stretch the artwork on a canvas to make it appear you spent a pretty penny.

The Smell of Happiness

Did you know that scents can bring happiness? By subtly diffusing pleasant aromas in your home you can create a more pleasurable experience. Research tells us that the sense of smell affects about 75% of our daily emotions, and plays a significant role in memory.

Weekly Maintenance

And lastly, the last step to making your home feel like a million bucks is to keep it tidy. Weekly dusting, cleaning and regular household maintenance will go a long way – and it’s free!

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